One to One or Two to One Macro Photography tuition with Heather Angel

The Magic of Macro

Paua shell from New Zealand taken inside a Cubelite to eliminate reflections

“I wanted to thank you so much for yesterday’s wonderful session; it passed all my expectations and I so enjoyed the day!  The aspect of your teaching that really resonated with me was your ability to listen to what I wanted to do on the day and then tailor your program to meet my specific needs; thank you!”  PB

Heather has been taking macro shots of the natural world for over four decades. Her forté is devising the best way to light each macro subject.

The key features we cover during the day are listed below, but this is not cast in stone. Let us know if you would like the programme fine-tuned to meet your own particular interests and experience. For example, we can discuss histograms, how to edit images and also cover focus stacking if this is of interest.

Who will benefit from this photography tuition?

Anyone who enjoys working with macro subjects and wants to discover new ways for photographing them will enjoy this tuition day.  The emphasis will be on lighting – much of it involving inexpensive ways for getting the best possible shot.

Slipper orchid lit by windowlight plus a reflector and rimlit by back flash

Key Features

  • Laptop presentation of lighting techniques
  • How to meter difficult subjects
  • Outdoor lighting – reflectors / diffusers / fill-flash
  • Creative use of depth of field
  • Check out backgrounds
  • Careful composition
  • Work with window light
  • Work with LED lights
  • How to shoot focus stacks
  • Work in professional studio with fibre optics


When the weather is unsuitable for working outside, window light is ideal for some subjects; alternatively LED lights, flash or a lightbox can be used during the day or even at night. Various set-ups will be available using all these light sources plus studio flash and fibre optics to photograph a range of macro subjects.

At the end of this day, you will have a clear understanding of how to achieve the best results for lighting macro subjects using your digital SLR – outdoors or inside.

Fallen maple leaf in a puddle on an overcast day


Arranged to suit


Lunch will be provided, please advise if you have any special dietary requirements

What to bring

  • Camera
  • Macro lens
  • A longer lens – a telephoto zoom would be fine
  • Tripod
  • Reflectors and diffusers – if you have them;  they will be available for you to use before you buy any
  • Flash – if possible not one that pops up on the camera. Don’t buy one for the day. Nikon users can borrow a flash if necessary.
  • Macro focusing rail (only if you have one, not essential)

About Heather

Heather is a professional Photographer, Author, Lecturer and Special Professor at Nottingham University

Heather’s Photography website


One to One Macro tution
£300 +VAT per day
£200 +VAT per half day

Two to One Macro tuition
£160 + VAT per person per day
(TOTAL £320 +VAT for the day)

If you want to bring a few of your plant images – as prints or digital files – Heather will be happy to appraise them.

How to book

Go to CONTACT tab

Email Heather’s office stating which One to One topic of interest, preferred month and if any days of the week are NOT possible.