Gear – Honl Portable Softbox

Honl Traveller 8 Softbox by Heather Angel

Honl Traveller 8 Softbox attached to speedlight ready to use

It is no secret that I have used Nikon cameras for over four decades; currently I use the superb Nikon D4 bodies. Rather than list all my gear here – which evolves from year to the year – I intend to feature selected items and explain why I find them useful.

While I would never venture outside without a reflector and a diffuser – sometimes two each of different sizes – a portable softbox is invaluable as an outside light modifier, especially when taking moving subjects. I have been using the Honl Traveller 8 Softbox for two years and this lightweight accessory is brilliant for infilling shadows and for boosting available light without it appearing to be an obvious flashlit shot.

Before this came on the market, we all used the Sto-Fen Omni-bounce, which does not give such a wide spread as the 8 inch (20 cm) diameter circular diffuser panel on the Honl Traveller 8 Softbox or double that with the Traveller 16 Softbox. The smaller version is quite big enough for close shots. It has a softer light than any clip on diffuser and so casts softer shadows on the subject, helping to perk up the definition of macro shots. It weighs a mere 3.7oz (105g) and folds flat in most camera photopacks.

Indian horse chestnut flowers taken with a Honl Traveller 8 Softbox, to gain more depth of field on an overcast day with intermittent wind.            ISO400 1/250 sec @ f/13

The black background was not created by using a flash, simply a dense shadow early in the morning.

© Heather Angel 2013